Shri. Vasant Malpani


Dear students,
I give you an assurance that choosing Smt. Kesharbai Lahoti Mahavidyalaya for your further education would definitely help you make a bright career. It has always been our endeavour to equip our students so as to make them competent enough to face the challenges in the world outside. Our AIM is the OVERALL DEVELOPMENT of our students, for which we have always tried innovative and creative ways. We want that our students should not lag behind in meeting their goal in the face of multiple challenges from the students from bigger cities. The college remains ceaselessly active in educating the youth to take their productive place in the global community. In doing so, we have a disciplined and motivating Principal with exemplary teaching as well as administrative staff with a magnanimous support from the Management. Some of our golden achievements are as follows:
1. During the previous session 5 of our students registered their names in the merit list.
2. 113 students were placed through campus placement activity by various companies of repute like TCS, Cognizant, Fino Paytech Bank, ICICI Bank, Sthapatya Consultants, etc. It is a heartening achievement as no other college in Amravati region could touch that number.
3. In Sports last year, there were 81 Colour holders. 227 students represented our college at University level, 31 students at State & National level and 04 students at International level.
4. It is our future plan to start extra training programs and seminars for our students, so as to provide them additional skills which will help them in their future expertise..
5. We have one of the best Women's Hostels in Amravati with well equipped facilities like Gym, Mess, all Rooms Air Cooled, Activity room with Indoor games, Library, etc.

Dr. Govind Lahoti


It gives me a sense of special pride and privilege to be a part of Smt. Kesharbai Lahoti Mahavidyalaya, Amravati, as being Secretary of the Patron Society- Shri. Ganeshdas Chhatralaya Samitti, Amravati. The college, the crowning glory of our society, has been established at a time when the education in general and higher education in particular was a distant dream for the youths of socially underprivileged and economically weaker families of Amravati city and adjacent rural area.
Eversince its inception, the college in line with its watchword Tamso Ma Jyotri Gamaya is efficiently spreading the light of knowledge in an attempt to remove the darkness of ignorance by imparting education in the fields of traditional as well as need of the hour skill-oriented courses. It is the only college in Amravati city to offer education through Marathi, Hindi, and English media and having special subjects like Functional English and Persian in Arts faculty besides the job oriented vocational course in Ophthalmic technology. It is heartening to note that the joint efforts put in by its stakeholders- Management, Principal, Staff and students have yielded positive results helping college to flutter its flag high in various disciplines.
I heartily welcome all the future fortune seekers to come and get enlightened in the educational friendly ambience of the college.

Dr. Vijay Bhangdia


Dear students,
I take a proud privilege to congratulate you all on your success in your examinations. I know that this is the crucial moment in your life which will mould your future. Our College Smt. Kesharbai Lahoti Mahavidyalaya, which was established before 66 years, is one of the best colleges in the region. Initially it stared with B.A. in 1960 & then B.Com. was added in 1962. Since then it has been on a victorious path. Various new courses like M.Com., M.A., Technical courses, Career Oriented courses (details in Prospectus) were added in the due course of time. In Junior wing optional courses like IT & Maths were added along with regular subjects . Job oriented courses like Auto Engineering, Audit & Accounting, Ophthalmic technician were added with the Introduction of MCVC. In Sports too we are doing far better than any other college (except – Physical education colleges) in the region. We have already applied for Ph.D. doctorate courses. It makes me feel proud to mention that our college has unique existence not only in Sant Gadge Baba University, but all over the region. It has remained the first choice for the students since years. To maintain & improve our standards, to maintain the faith which students have in our college, our exemplary teaching as well as administrative staff is taking extra efforts with a full support from the Management. We try to transform the latent power of the young ones into a potential source of energy and success. Our efforts are focused on unfolding the hidden potential of our students by bringing in modern and advanced ways of teaching. We have resolved to introduce the following in the coming time:
1. Free coaching for extra-curricular activities.
2. Free Seminars to prepare students for better English communication.
3. Seminars to prepare students to face interviews in collaboration with companies like TCS, etc
4. Training program for B.Com. and M.Com. students- preparation for CA-CPT and CS Foundation examination.
5. Training program for 11th & 12th students which will facilitate them for getting immediate employment.
6. Training program for Arts students - like introduction to civil services jobs – which will help them for preparation of MPSC, UPSC examinations.
7. Guest Lectures on various topics.
8. Study Tours and Visit to Companies .
9. A well equipped Gym for boys. There is already a Gym for girls.
10. Engaging students in social service programs to create awareness among them regarding their social and civilian responsibilities.

Shri. Manmohan Jaju


We, as an institution, are devoted to the wellbeing of all its stakeholders. It will be a unique experience for the newly joining ones, whereas it is pleasurable for those who are continuing their association with us in this academic year too. As a Registrar of the institution, I feel proud to ensure you all about the smooth and student centric administration. The office staff abides by its responsibilities and meets them out in a smooth and satisfactory manner. I, on behalf of my entire non-teaching staff, welcome you all to this renowned institution and wish you all the very best for your bright and successful future.

Shri Ganeshdas Rathi Chhatralaya Samiti

Executive Body

Sr. No Name Designation
1 Shri. Vasantkumarji Malpani President
2 Shri. Jugalkishorji Gattani Vice-President
3 Shri. Prakashji Heda Treasurer
4 Shri. Dr. Govindji Lahotii Secretary
5 Shri. Mohankumarji Kalantri Joint-Secretary
6 Shri. Dhirendrakumarji Agrawal Hisab Nirikshab
7 Shri. Rupramji Zanwar Member
8 Shri. Ajaykumarji Rathi Member
9 Shri. Shyamsunderji Dammani Member
10 Shri. Dr. Rajeshji Boob Member
11 Shri. Omprakashji Laddha Member
12 Shri. Omprakashji Nawandar Member
13 Shri. Pradipkumarji Sikchi Member
14 Shri. Vijaykumarji Bang Member
15 Shri. Pradyumanji Malpani Member
16 Shri. Harishkumarji Rathi Member
17 Smt. Mangaladevi Lahoti Member